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Institute of Machine Construction

Machine Construction Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Machine Construction Technology;
  • Aviation Engines Production Technology;
  • Metal-cutting Lathes and Systems;
  • Winding, Construction, Road Building Machines and Equipment;
  • Engines and aircraft energy units.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Machine Building Technology;
  • Aviation Engine Construction Technology;
  • Metal-cutting Lathes and Tools;
  • Metal Working;
  • Machine Parts and Winding Mechanisms;
  • Higher Mathematics;
  • Physical Education and Sports.

Transportation and Logistics Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Internal Combustion Engines;
  • Wheel and Caterpillar Vehicles;
  • Logistics and Transportation Management;
  • Traffic Organization and Regulation;
  • Transportation Systems.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Automobile;
  • Transportation Technologies;
  • Mechanics;
  • Heating Engineering and Hydraulics;
  • Descriptive Geometry and Drawing.

Institute of Physics and Engineering

Physics and Engineering Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Foundry Technologies of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals;
  • Foundry Equipment;
  • Applied Material Science;
  • Welding Technology and Equipment;
  • Restoration and Wearability Technology and Equipment.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Foundry Technology and Equipment;
  • Welding Technology and Equipment;
  • Physical Material Science;
  • Technology of Metals;
  • Chemistry and Ecology;
  • Labor and Environment Protection.

Electrical Engineering Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Electrical Machines and Apparatuses;
  • Electric Drive and Electromechanical Automation Systems;
  • Electrotechnical Systems of Energy Consumption;
  • Energy Management;
  • Electromechanical Equipment of Power-Consuming Plants.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Electrical Machines;
  • Electrical Apparatuses;
  • Industrial Energy Supply;
  • Electric Drive and Commercial Plant Automation;
  • Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering;
  • Physics;
  • Foreign languages.

Institute of Information Science and Radioelectronics

Radioengineering Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Radio Engineering;
  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Computer System and Network Information Protection;
  • Information Protection Systems from Unauthorized Access;
  • Electronics Production;
  • Microelectronics and Semi-Conductor Devices;
  • Quality, Standardization and Certification.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Radio Engineering;
  • Information Technologies of Electronic Devices;
  • Microelectronics and Semi-Conductor Devices;
  • Informational Protection;
  • Applied Mathematics.

Information Science and Computer Engineering Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Customized Computer Systems;
  • Software Systems;
  • Information Technology Design;
  • Systems Analysis and Management.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Computer Software;
  • Computing Mathematics.

Institute of Economics and Humanities

Economics and Management Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Organizational Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Finance;
  • Accounting and audit.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Accounting and audit;
  • Economical Theory and Entrepreneurship;
  • Olympic and Playing Kinds of Sports.

Humanities Department

Prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • International Economic Relations;
  • Translation;
  • Design.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • International Economic Relations;
  • Foreign Languages;
  • Design;
  • Ukrainian Studies;
  • Philosophy;
  • Political Science and Law.

Post-graduate Education Department

Prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Software Systems;
  • Organizational Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Finance;
  • Accounting and audit;
  • Psychology.

Individuals with a completed higher education as well as the full-time students can obtain their second degree with the respective diploma of the state standard.

Law and Management Institute

International Tourism and Human Resources Department

Prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • Tourism Service Management;
  • Human Resources and Work Economy Management.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • International Tourism;
  • Human Resources and Work Economy Management;
  • Foreign Languages of Professional Communication;
  • Informational Technologies in Tourism.

Humanity and Law Department

Prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • Law Science;
  • Psychology;
  • Social Work;
  • Journalism.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Jurisprudence;
  • Psychology;
  • Social work;
  • Journalism.

Physical Culture and Sport Management Department

Prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • Physical Training;
  • Physical Rehabilitation.

The department houses the following chairs:

  • Physical Culture and Sport Management;
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Recreation;
  • Private Security.

Institute of Continuing Education

Distance Learning Department

Prepares professionals in all the specialties via distance education.

The entrance and future education of future university entrants preparation in the following forms: preparation department; nine months, sixth months and short-term course, correspondence school.

The preparation of foreign citizens is also provided.

The department houses the following:

  • General Mathematics Chair;
  • General Physics Chair;
  • General Language Preparation Chair;
  • Preparation Dept;
  • Preparation Courses.

Zaporozhye Regional Center for Polytechnic Studies

As a leading education facility in the region, ZNTU offers a variety of educational, organizational, methodological and scientific assistance to other educational institutions of all levels of accreditation. "Zaporozhye Regional Center for Polytechnic Studies", a new scientific and production complex, was created as an umbrella center for over 40 colleges and vocational schools, lyceums, gymnasia, high schools in Zaporozhye and the region.

"Education for Business" Department

Offers management, marketing, price formation, planning, international relations, information technologies and language courses for business leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and graduate students who are interested in increasing the efficiency of their businesses. The duration of the course varies from one to four months depending on the selected course and the attendees are awarded a certificate of the state standard.

Post-graduate and Doctorate Studies

Of the highest quality are available in 22 and 3 specialties respectively. Specialized commissions are working with candidate and doctor theses and dissertations.

Scientific Library

Offers over one million copies of textbooks, reference books, scientific works and fiction. Online resources are available providing an opportunity to access online magazines of EVSCO and Soringer Publishing House as well as the leading libraries of the world. The library is a scientific and methodological center of the higher school libraries in Zaporozhye region.

Scientific Achievements

Realization of the scientific potential and chairs traditions is provided by students preparation not only for future production activity but also for science activity in science institutions and laboratories.

Performance of science-research work using students potential allows course and diplomas works themes planning, provides possibilities for students to take part in science works contests, science conferences and invention activities. Best students enter the postgraduate education and the preparation of scientific and pedagogical stuff is provided.

The following world class scientific schools are active in the founded university:

  • Material Science and Heat Treatment School was founded in 1945 by Professor B.S. Natapov and researches development and implementation of high temperature resistant superalloys;
  • Foundry School was foundered in 1946 by Professor Y. A. Schulte and researches the influence of the non-metallic inclusions on physical and mechanical properties of the steel and alloys;
  • Welding Processes and Material Science School was founded in 1964 by Professor B.S. Popov and researches the welding processes, gas-flame and plasma welding;
  • Material Science in Machine Construction was founded in 1972 by Professor I.P. Volchok and researches mechanisms of failure and the enhancement of mechanical and technological properties of alloys, that work in extreme conditions;
  • Metal-cutting Processes in Machine Construction School was founded in 1984 by Professor Y.N. Vnukov and researches the enhancement of the metal-cutting tool capacity and implementation of the new technologies;
  • Advanced Technologies in the Aviation Engine Construction School was founded in 1986 by Professor V.K. Yatzenko and researches the capacity increase in gas turbine engines by surface plastic deformation.

New creative groups have been formed and are developing in the following areas: Radiotechnology and Cybernetics (Professor D.M. Piza, lead faculty), Technical Cybernetics (Professor E.N. Potapenko, lead faculty) and other.

International Relations

International relations are established in the following areas:

  • preparing specialists and professionals for foreign countries;
  • establishing ties with the foreign higher schools including faculty and student exchange;
  • participating in the contests to receive grants from various funds;
  • information exchange in regards to the scientific research, conference, exhibition, seminar participation as well as the general publications.

ZNTU is the member of the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN), rector S.B. Belikov in 2008-2012 was elected as a member of BSUN Executive Board from Ukraine.

ZNTU coordinates International projects "Leading Computer Technologies of projecting for the Universities of Ukraine", started 2001 together with internationally leading software producing firm "Delcam" (Birmingham, Great Britain) uniting in 2013 24 leading universities of our state.

ZNTU has signed contracts with the schools and organizations in Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, India, Canada, Lebanon, China, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden.

University scientists are taking part in international exhibitions, where technical-science and methodology researches are presented.

Every year students are studied and trained in schools of USA, Germany, Poland etc. in terms of international programs and projects grants realization.

The possibility of practicing abroad is the stimulus to learning foreign languages.

Chair of Military Preparation

ZNTU is the only higher school in Zaporozhye region offering military preparation education. The chair opened in the beginning of 1960ies.

Approximately 300 full-time students complete its courses annually while studying in the 3rd and 4th year to receive titles of commanders of communication section, rocket-artillery and automobile services, electronics engineers.

Student Culture and Recreation Center

Every student is welcome to join one's favorite extracurricular activity:

  • choir, music and dance groups;
  • student variety show theater, "Students Joking" international festival is held annually;
  • Club of the Merry and the Resourceful;
  • student radio station;
  • student amateur talent contests by department, holiday concerts;
  • student participation in city, regional, country and international level festivals.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities of ZNTU consist of game and weight gyms, aerobics room, two shooting galleries and a track-and-field facility. Sports events are held at the stadium located nearby.

The following sports are offered to the students: track and field, basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, aerobics, shooting, wrestling, ping-pong, tourism etc.

Competitions for students, faculty and staff are held regularly.

Student athletes boast significant achievements at a variety of levels.

Handball team "Motor ZNTU-ZAB" occupied second place in 2012 Ukrainian championship (Super League) among men teams. Basketball team "Ferro-ZNTU" possesses 2013 Cup of Super League and gained bronze medals of Super League championship.

University is particularly proud of its aerobics team that has enjoyed a significant success at various prestigious competitions of different levels with the help of the talented instructors and coaches S. Atamanyuk and I. Lepyohina; the team has won the championship and was awarded the Cup of Ukraine on several occasions taking part and winning in the European (1st place in 2006-2009) and world championships as well.

Students Self-government

The students self-government is functioning on the departments level, students hostel level, institute level, university and its colleges levels. Self-government is integrated in teaching process. Self-government provides teaching process development, brings students to increase culture and spirituality, social activity and responsibility for commissions.

Self-government also takes part in traditional students creative activity: annual international festival "Students Joking", Ukrainian national aerobics ball, creative contests and "Students Spring", "Best hostel room Contest", Ukrainian engineering contest "BEST engineering competition", "BEST students meeting" courses, tourism courses, seminars, trainings, etc.

University self-government consists of social protection committee, health care committee, university trading and public catering control committee, culture and sports committees, press-service and international collaboration committee.

Self-government representatives are taking part in university management, in science councils and departments, institutes, university's conferences.

University Rector reports are tradition during students meetings.